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He has stricken, but He will bind us up

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pornography and Demonism, Part 7: An Examination of Pornography

The Bible talks about the behaviour of those in Noah’s day, how men took women by force and entered into unholy sexual unions. I suppose the next logical question follows: What would drive men to do something so horrible? Can we expect such behaviour in a civilized society such as ours? The truth is, our world is becoming less and less civilized. Millions of men are exposed to these kinds of images on a regular basis, as pornographic movies are filled with scenes of violence, rape, and humiliation. When a person is continually exposed to these kinds of images, it will affect his mind and his conscience, and he will become aroused by them.

(1) Pornography’s role in widespread sexual deviance and abominable sex acts

Pornography has become a multi-billion dollar, worldwide business, which continues to grow and flourish. Children are being exposed to pornographic materials at earlier ages. It is estimated that the largest group viewing online pornography is ages 12 to 17.(1) While pornographic images have always existed, only recently has porn become so widely accepted, and so easy to obtain. As our culture and world become more and more sexualized, the use of pornography has become accepted, even legitimized. While many people do not approve of it, most people hold to one overriding philosophy: That being, what a person does in private is his own business, and that, despite how reprehensible it might be, if that person wants to watch, or even make, porn, that is his/her choice to make. In our attempts to uphold freedom of expression, we have embraced a sort of “to each his own” mentality. Likewise, porn has been allowed to flourish as a business enterprise, with little to no regulation. Although obscenity laws do exist, for some reason our leaders have refused to enforce them. Likewise, pornographic content has been allowed to digress uncontrolled into the vilest forms of perversion. This is no accident.

The Bible warns us about what happens when a culture starts to accept lustful living as the norm – they together become corrupt. Once that starts happening, society starts to fall deeper into depravity. A society doesn’t just become corrupt overnight. It happens gradually, over time, as people continually engage in lustful and unrighteous behaviour.

The most disturbing thing about pornography is its depictions of violence against women, and their dehumanization. This trend has gotten worse in recent years. The most hardcore forms of pornography portray women getting raped, beaten, gagged, choked, and violated in the most de-humanizing and degrading scenarios possible. The porn industry also glorifies paedophilia and voyeurism.

The men of Noah’s day also engaged in violent sexual conduct, as indicated by the phrase “they took wives, all of whom they chose,” and the phrase “the earth was filled with violence.” The word violence here means oppression, and while it does not state specifically what kind of oppression, the passage does indicate that rape was commonplace.

Studies on pornography have conclusively shown that the use of it leads to rape and sexual deviance. People who watch violent pornography become aroused by thoughts and fantasies of sexual aggression, and are driven to act out the things they see. It excites them. A person does not typically start out watching this kind of porn. He may start out watching soft-core, pretty tame stuff, but after a while, as his habit grows, he finds that the soft-core stuff no longer satisfies, and he needs even harder forms of pornography to satisfy his addiction. Psychologists define this as a four-fold process involving (a) Addiction (b) Escalation (c) De-sensitization, and finally (d) Acting Out.(2)

The porn industry cranks out scenes of extreme violence and degradation on a daily basis. Individuals who commit sex crimes receive reinforcement, motivation, encouragement, and validation of their sexual fantasies from the pornography they view and read.(3) Hundreds of cases of sexual assault and violence have been reported by law enforcement officials and detectives which cite pornography as playing a key role.

Individuals who watch pornography become more desensitized to the dehumanization of women, and develop warped attitudes toward women and sex. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that when a person indulges in hardcore pornography, he is going to want to act out what he sees.....and if what he sees are scenes of violence and humiliation, this is what will arouse him. Indeed, many prostitutes have reported that their customers have asked them to act out scenes that they saw in pornographic films.

There is a viable link between pornography and sex trafficking/prostitution. The connection to sex trafficking is that increased use of pornography leads to increased demand for prostitution. When demand outstripped supply of local prostitutes, women and children were brought in from overseas, often against their will.(4)

Interviews with 854 women in prostitution in 9 countries...made it clear that pornography is integral to prostitution. Adult obscenity helps to drive the demand for adult and child prostitutes. Those who are the most frequent users of pornography are also the most frequent users of women in prostitution. (5)

There is also a very strong link between pornography and sexual violence. A study by FBI researchers of 36 serial killers revealed that 29 were attracted to pornography and incorporated it into their sexual activity, which included serial rape/murder.(6) In another study, out of 193 cases of rape, 24% mentioned allusions to pornographic material. Serial killer Ted Bundy, in an interview with Focus On The Family, said the following:

I have been in prison, and have met a lot of men who were motivated to commit violence just like me, and without exception, every one of them was deeply involved in pornography

What we have is a culture being raised on porn, whose view of sexuality is defined by pornographic images. Scenes of extreme violence, rape, and degradation re-program the viewers and instil in them a desire for this kind of sexual experience, leading to rape and other crimes. This parallels the behaviour of men in Noah’s day who took women by force. These men were demonized, controlled by perverse and unclean spirits.

The fact that human trafficking and sexual deviance have increased due to pornography should send a very, very strong message to us as Christians. Oppression, wickedness, and sexual deviance very much reflects the situation of Noah’s day, and even the behaviour of those in Sodom, whom God judged. Christ said that such would be like the behaviour of men in the last days.

The effect of porn on this culture, and our world, has been devastating. Porn isn’t simply “adult entertainment.” It is a powerful and addictive narcotic that not only brings people into bondage, but literally re-programs them to accept, and even desire, things which most normal people would deem vile and horrific. Through its images, it is literally transforming the minds of men, and prompting them to commit acts of violence and perversion, just like those in Noah’s day.

(2) How pornography promotes demonic activity

I have ministered to those in the porn industry for a number of years now. I have seen the destruction that it breeds in the lives of its participants. I have seen how girls driven by desperation for money, for love and approval, or whatever, succumb to the lies of the porn industry. They honestly have no idea what they are getting involved in, but once they have crossed that bridge, they are trapped – and they suffer with the after-effects for years. Drug addiction, STDs, and psychological issues are just a few of the many horrors they deal with.

I, myself, was involved in porn for a short time, and have also suffered greatly. Among other things, I have seen and experienced the demonic realm as it exists in this industry. Genesis 6 describes a civilization in which men were demon-possessed and committed acts of sexual violence against women.

Most people who watch porn do not think about the demonic influence behind it, but it does exist, and it is VERY powerful. A few years after my salvation, God gave me a vision that I will never forget. It came to me as I was praying. It was a vision of a porn shoot that I was involved in. God literally ripped the veil away and showed me the demonic activity that had been hidden from my eyes. There were demons everywhere – some were standing guard, some were watching us have sex, others were roaming around the room. Where did those demons come from? As we gathered together, they did also. God showed me that everyone in the porn industry has some unclean spirit “assigned” to him or her.

The porn industry is literally controlled by Satan, and those involved are carefully guarded by the demonic forces which control the industry. Some of the external factors which keep them in bondage are money, drugs, need for attention/love, shame, fear, etc. Beneath all of that, though, we know that Satan is the one controlling and keeping these people in bondage.

I tend to agree with scholars who connect gross sexual immorality with demonic activity. Before I was saved, my then-husband and I would often frequent sex clubs. Even then, I felt an overwhelming, very dark presence in those places. There was one night in particular, though, where it felt especially dark. I had sensed the darkness before, but never like this. Inside the club, the atmosphere was pure lust. In one particular room, there were beds everywhere, built into the wall, stacked one on top of the other. As I saw the activity that was going on – massive orgies with dozens of people – I remember this sense of demonic perversion literally overwhelmed me. I felt like I was literally in the den of Satan. I was not saved, yet the only thing I could think of was the pagan sex rituals spoken of in the Bible. The whole place felt spiritually “unclean,” filthy even, and I knew I had to get out of there. I was literally surrounded by evil. I firmly believe that God was speaking to me, even in my sin, warning me of the spiritual danger I was putting myself in.

Indeed, every lustful and perverted activity has some demonic element….how much more so a multi-billion dollar enterprise built around it?! Does it not make sense, when one of Satan’s goals is to pervert mankind? In Noah’s day, mankind was so perverted, so corrupt, that God had no choice but to destroy it. We know that God will again pour His wrath and judgment out upon this world – and we know that during the tribulation, men will rather curse God than repent of their sin.

From our earlier examination of the passage, we know that in Noah’s day, men and women were entering into unholy sexual unions, and demonized men were motivated to commit acts of sexual violence. The porn industry acts as that “gateway” to demonic activity, and even possession, in a person’s life...much like drugs or the occult. The demons that control the porn industry and those in it are the same demons that possess men to commit acts of sexual deviance, rape, and brutality after watching porn....and as the levels of brutality and violence in hardcore pornography increase, the incidence of these crimes will also increase. Porn consumers are opening a gateway for Satan to control their minds and keep them in bondage to porn. Many will act upon the images that they view. Guaranteed, there is rampant demonic control, and even possession, in the porn industry. What do you think drives a man who just got done watching some hardcore flick to go out and commit rape or sodomy? The statistics linking sex crimes to pornography are alarmingly high.

We war not against flesh and blood......

Satan is using pornography to gain control of men and women so that he may pervert society as a whole – as it was in the days of Noah. There is not one person who has not been directly or indirectly affected by pornography.

Every time a person willingly consumes pornography, he is providing an open door for Satan. Indeed, there is a spiritual element behind every perverted thought or action induced by porn. One can easily conclude that someone like Ted Bundy, who was literally possessed by an uncontrollable urge to commit sexual violence and murder, was more than likely controlled by were John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and other serial killers.

In Genesis 6, it clearly states that men were possessed, and because of this, committed brutal sex acts. The same thing could be said of those in Lot’s day, as the men of Sodom were so overwhelmed by their lust that even blindness did not stop them from wanting to violently rape those angels. Demonic control seems to be the only reasonable explanation for this.

The modern-day scourge of pornography has definitely opened the door for this kind of demonic influence in our own culture. Through pornographic images, demons have been able to influence the minds of men, their behaviour, and manipulate their view of sexuality. As pornography shapes the way that men and women think about sex, glorifying acts of violence such as rape and bondage, and sex with children, the occurrence of sex crimes such as rape and kidnapping are on the rise.

Jesus said that as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be in the last days. What we see in Noah’s day are men possessed by unclean spirits (spirits of lust and covetousness), and engaging in rape and sexual violence. Pornography has literally provided an inlet for demonic activity, and even possession, as viewers are invited to engage mentally in violent sex acts, and in many cases, motivated to carry them out.

Many scholars believe that demonic activity will increase on the earth in the last days. As in the days of Noah, wickedness will also increase. We can then logically conclude that pornography will be one of the catalysts for such demonic activity. There is no reason to doubt that incidents of sexual violence and human trafficking will continue to increase. Indeed, the Bible says that things will grow worse and worse before Christ’s return.

Human slavery is indeed mentioned in the book of Revelation. Revelation 18:13, in talking about the fall of Babylon, says that no one will buy her merchandise anymore, including the bodies and souls of men. There are plenty of opinions of what Babylon represents, but there is little question on what “buying...the bodies and souls of men” indicates. This is talking about human slavery. Pornography is modern-day slavery, and is a contributing factor to the human slave trade via trafficking and prostitution.

(1)Family Safe Media, Dec. 2005
(2)Links Between Pornography and Sex Trafficking, Robert J. Peters, Houston Human Trafficking Conference, Feb. 26, 2011
(6)The Link Between Porn and Violent Sex Crimes, Robert J Peters, Mar. 2004

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